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One large orange (100 grams) provides: Energy: 47 kcal; Water: 87%; Protein: 0.9 g; Carbs: 11.8 g; Sugar: 9.4 g; Fiber: 2.4 g; Fat: 0.1 g; Calcium: 40 mg; Magnesium: 10 mg; Potassium: 181 mg; Vitamin C: 53.2 mg; Folate: 30 micro grams

Health Benefits

Oranges have flavonoids, and primarily hesperidin protects against heart disease. Daily intake of orange juice for four weeks has a blood-thinning effect and may reduce blood pressure significantly. Regular consumption of oranges may likely help lower your risk of heart disease. Oranges are a good source of citric acid and citrates, which help prevent kidney stone formation.  Both vitamin C and citric acid can increase your body’s absorption of iron from the digestive tract. When eaten with iron-rich food, oranges may help prevent anaemia.


Citrus X sinensis

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