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One cup (156 grams) of diced muskmelon provides: Energy: 53 kcal; Carbs: 13 g; Fiber: 2 g; Protein: 1 g; Vitamin C: 64% RDI; Vitamin A: 29% RDI; Potassium: 9% of the RDI; Folate: 8% of the RDI; Niacin: 7% RDI; Vitamin B6: 7% of the RDI; Magnesium: 5% RDI; Thiamine: 5% RDI; Vitamin K: 3% RDI

*RDI – Reference Daily Intake

Health Benefits

Muskmelon has potassium, which helps in regulating the blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Vitamin A and beta carotene in Muskmelon helps to sharpen the eyesight and reduce the risk of developing cataracts. Musk melons have negligible fat, which helps in weight loss. Musk melons are super rich in vitamin C, and they strengthen the immune system.  It helps in the treatment and prevention of ulcers. Musk melon contains a significant amount of dietary fiber, making it suitable for constipation as it adds bulk to your diet. An extract of musk melon has proven qualities of curing kidney disorders and stones.  They have high folate content, which prevents water retention by removing excess sodium from the body. Musk melons relax the nerves and the muscles making it easier for people with insomnia to sleep.  

Musk Melon

Cucumis melo

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